February 1, 2013

Institutional Analyst Initiates Coverage on Wellness Center USA Inc.

SCHAUMBURG, IL -- Wellness Center USA, Inc. (WCUI), a Schaumburg, IL company focused in the healthcare, alternative healthcare and medical device industries, today announced that it has engaged Institutional Analyst Inc., (IAI) a highly regarded investment research and public relations firm, specializing in market awareness programs for publicly-traded companies. The firm provides coverage in numerous industries via industry specific financial web portals and newsletters including the Internet, Biotech, Alternative Energy, Entertainment and the Private Equity markets.

“We are excited to initiate coverage on Wellness Center USA following the successful acquisition of two leading alternative health companies, which offer drug-free solutions to markets with combined drug related revenues in excess of $25 billion”, stated Roland Rick Perry, Managing Director of IAI.

“Both companies are at the forefront of drug free treatment for ailments which when treated with drugs, can contribute to a host of potentially serious and undesirable side effects. CNS Wellness which was acquired in early August of 2012, has a proven drug-free solution to treat a variety of mental health issues including; severe depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and autism utilizing proprietary real-time neurofeedback and neurostimulation training combined with sophisticated QEEG brain mapping and progress monitoring. In use and refined over a six years period, CNS represents a paradigm shift in the way in which medical professionals can treat and address mental health issues. Anti-psychotics drugs alone net the pharmaceutical industry at least $14.6 billion dollars a year. The opportunity to treat mental health problems without the use of drugs, with a proven track record of 65-90%, is enormous. We are excited to follow and report on their progress as they seek to achieve their goal of opening a nationwide chain of clinics to treat patients using this safe, revolutionary and proprietary technology”, he added.

Mr. Perry continues, “In the case of Psoria-Shield, which was acquired in late August of 2012 and which is a medical device developer, manufacturer and marketer, they have a drug free treatment for a host of skin ailments including Psoriasis, Eczema and Vitiligo. Their flagship product, Psoria-Light is FDA cleared and the first in the world to utilize highly effective Deep targeted UV LED technology to treat these skin ailments. The device has the potential to displace Excimer lasers in the use of skin disorders. Targeted UV phototherapy refers to administering large doses of UV light to only affected skin, sparring healthy skin tissue. Recent statistics indicated that more than $11.25 billion is spent annually in the US to treat psoriasis alone with the National Psoriasis Foundation (NRF) believing 2-3% of the world population being affected. Further, recent surveys conducted by the NRF indicated that at least 50% of sufferers were receiving no treatment and that prescriptions were widely utilized and that UV therapy was under-utilized. Psoria-Light sales are underway and we are excited to follow and report on their progress as they begin a national roll-out with independent medical sales device specialists. Nationwide, they will market the Psoria-Light directly to dermatologists based in private practice and hospitals. With a retail selling price of $64,000 and an investment payback time a short as 5 months, we are extremely excited about the sales potential for 2013 and years to come.”

Institutional Analyst Inc., has prepared a 15 page report on Wellness Center USA which will be delivered to its subscriber base and is available for non-subscribers at the Biotech Stock Review website. A copy of the report can be downloaded at www.biotechstockreview.com or http://goo.gl/ZGQKR. Please see report specific related disclaimers attached to the report.

About Institutional Analyst Inc.

Institutional Analyst Inc., headquartered in Chicago, introduces small and micro-cap companies to professional investors including investment brokers, small cap mutual funds, private investment managers and hedge fund managers. The firm operates a number of leading industry specific websites, including the Internet Stock Review, the Biotech Stock Review, the Hollywood Stock Review, the Restaurant Stock Review, the Private Equity Stock Review and Patent Stock Review, which are all available free to professional and retail investors and to industry and trade executives.

About Wellness Center USA, Inc.

Wellness Center USA, Inc. (www.wellnesscenterusa.com) an alternative healthcare, medical device solutions and online nutraceutical sales company, was created to address important healthcare and wellness needs; through break-through solutions, centered on the "well-being of the body and mind". Wellness Center USA, Inc.'s three business units are:

Psoria-Shield Inc. (www.psoria-shield.com) is a Tampa FL based company specializing in design, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices to domestic and international markets. PSI employs full-time engineering, production, sales staff, and manufactures within an ISO 13485 certified quality system. PSI's flagship product, Psoria-Light®, is FDA-cleared and CE marked and delivers targeted UV phototherapy for the treatment of certain skin disorders. Psoria-Shield Inc., was acquired by Wellness Center USA Inc. (“WCUI”) in August 2012, and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary.

CNS-Wellness (www.cns-wellness.com) is a Tampa FL based cognitive science clinic business, specializing in the treatment of behavioral health disorders in at least three focus areas: a) stress related disorders including anxiety and panic attacks, depression, and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, b) developmental and learning disorders such as autistic spectrum issues and Asperger's syndrome, AD/HD, learning differences and birth trauma-related issues, and c) purely brain-based issues including epilepsy and seizure disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and related acquired brain syndromes. CNS-Wellness LLC, was acquired by Wellness Center USA Inc. (“WCUI”) in August 2012, and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary.

AminoFactory(www.aminofactory.com), a division of Wellness Center USA, Inc., is an online supplement store that markets and sells a wide range of high-quality nutritional vitamins and supplements. By utilizing AminoFactory’s online catalog, bodybuilders, athletes, and health conscious consumers can choose and purchase the highest quality nutritional products from a wide array of offerings in just a few clicks.

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